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More About Me

I have 8+ years of experience coaching cricket at club level, working with children from aged 5 to age 19. I also have experience coaching children at a district level too. I have worked with children with special educational needs and mental health issues as well.

I am an ECB level 2 qualified coach.

My specific accomplishments was to coach and to manage a youth team from aged 7 until they reach 18 years of age. This particular group of young people flourished in the sport and some went to play on at higher levels within the county. This is the best accomplishment as a coach.

First sessions would be to workout the current ability of the player through a number of drills based on specific skill sets. From there each session would be focused on at least 2 different skills for the player to work on. These drills would be based around what the player is comfortable with and can understand. The drills can be adapted to be practiced or worked on in a home environment also.

As well as specific skills, sessions will include building general strength and agility which will enhance the players ability in the long run.


Cricket Michael B.

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