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Fast bowing/swing bowling

More About Me

Have coached my national team under 15 in regional tournament assist coach of the under 19 and coach of the national academy in St Vincent and the Grenadines in the west indies also head coach of Ayr cricket club Scotland and Lindal cricket club England current coach of plenty power cricket club Australia. Worked with Shaun brown cricket camps and a strength and conditioning certificate I worked as a trainer for the female team

Played test cricket for west indies and 17 years of first class/state cricket professional cricket for windward islands in the Caribbean Also played under 19 world cup and toured England in under 19 tours. West indies A and B teams.. played Caribbean premier league for St Lucia

Normally outline my session get a feed back about his last game played. Warm up with a skill element so fitness and skill are developed set drills that fixed and variable to help improve and

Evualate rpocess. Encourage fearlessness in all my session so players can be confident to execute in games in match pressure scenarios


Cricket Keon Kenroy P.

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