Batter Bowler Fielding

More About Me

I study bachelor of human movement (exercise and sports science) specialising in elite level coaching, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, exercise prescription, and exercise delivery

I played club levelled cricket as a young child until adolescence so I have a high level of cricket knowledge to support my theoretical knowledge of theory.

I have coached outdoor and indoor cricket before at a school and club level.

Best Reynella Cricket Club Fielder, Highest Run Scorer, and Best and Fairest (2013)

Played indoor cricket since 6 years old; playing for numerous teams including captaining two premierships (2014, 2015)

Played outdoor cricket for Reynella Cricket Club

Warm Up

Administer a few drills to test current skills and identify strengths and opportunities for development

Work on specific skills whilst building on current strengths

Game tactics

Strength and conditioning training


Cricket Kaleb W.

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