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I work with the First XI and top cricket players (16-18 year olds) at St Ignatius College, Riverview, and have for three years. As an assistant coach, I train players three times a week in all aspects of the game and develop a better understanding and knowledge of the game on game-day. I am a Level 1, looking to become a Level 2 cricketing coach.

I played First XI Cricket at St Ignatius' College, Riverview as a fast bowler. I also played 2nd XV R(u)gby, and represented the school in High Jump at the GPS Athletics Carnival. Since school I have played for the Sydney University Cricket Club.

My sessions looks to develop and enhance a player's game. I try to provide tips and skills that can then be developed by the players individually, and provide a platform for future success in cricket. As a fast bowler, I first hand know the struggles that it can take on both the body and mind, and I will help to push through these barriers. Similarly in my younger years I used to bat a lot, and won several fielding awards. I have several tips and drills that will aid players of all skill and age.


Cricket Jesse K.

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  1. Sally M.


    Jesse gives brilliant training sessions. Very highly recommend him.