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More About Me

Experienced player / coach spanning 30 years in the VTCA, CSB, VSDCA, DDCA & SECA competitions in Victoria.

Coached successful boys & girls teams in multiple formats, players aged 5-18, with an emphasis on consistent improvement to techniques in all aspects of cricket. When junior cricketers are able to focus on their goals & really enjoy their training, this allows them to improve rapidly, flowing on to success on game day. I have a genuine passion for this great game, and the ability to share a wealth of knowledge.

Cricketer - Sept 1991 to Apr 2008 - Bentleigh Cricket Club - VTCA

Cricketer - Sept 2008 to Apr 2011 - Caulfield Cricket Club - VSDCA

Cricketer – Sept 2013 to Apr 2018 – Aspendale Cricket Club – DDCA, CSB.

Cricketer - Sept 2018 to Feb 2020 - St Brigids/St Louis Cricket Club – DDCA, CSB

Identify exactly what the client would like to achieve. Enquire about their short term & long term goals. Gain knowledge about their history and achievements to date. After a thorough assessment, put in place a strategy to improve their cricket skills during each session. Usually each session would include variable periods of batting, bowling and fielding. Allow flexibility in the program to cater for any specific requirements. Different levels of technical training can be employed to suit all ages. Rapid improvement will astound and amaze!


Cricket Gerard M.

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