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More About Me

Coming from a sporting family sports was something easy to pick up. Starting coaching at the age of 16 with my local cricket club. Coaching for 5 years now which resulted in 2 team premierships. Playing cricket since I was 8 years old has given me some of the best experiences ever. Currently having played Turf 1 in DDCA and captain of our second XI. Along with this, I was also “head of cricket coaching” at St Michaels Grammer School. I am currently level 1 accredited but will be completing my level 2 very soon.

Played 9 years of junior cricket

2 Batting Averages awards

6 years of senior cricket

Played 1st XI cricket

Captained 3rd and 2nd XI teams

2 time premiership winning coach

First, need to understand the athlete create a bond so setting goals and getting the athlete to give me a run down of what they think. Then straight into our prehab work ensuring body to ready for the next stage of our session which is the “core”

The core is where we work the main part of the session which will help us achieve these goals set. This will involve many drills focusing on the skill we are targeting. Once we feel comfortable that we have achieved this we then do a light cool down to ensure no soreness or injury. Lastly, I like to perform a review of the session so ask questions focusing on the main points of the session.


Cricket Craig H.

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