kids, teenagers, adults


Point guard, shooting guard, and small forward

More About Me

Four years coaching experience:

- Three years coaching experience at the high school level

- One year coaching experience at the primary school level

Coached at Rose Bay Secondary college and Waverly Junior School for murphy sports.

typically I coach high School level kids and teenagers or primary school kids.

Played basketball for 8 years, competed in high level comps such as UBL mens comp with $10,000 prize money, multiple years in under 18s representative programs and toured New Zealand to play basketball. I've made it to the CHS regional level for basketball for Rose Bay Secondary College and the state level.

My training sessions have a focus on the fundemantals and IQ involved in basketball incorporated within skill training drills, allowing the player to develop their skills and decision making within the game.


Basketball Zac S.



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