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Point guard / shooting guard.

More About Me

Coaching has been an excellent way for me to continue to grow and expand my knowledge to the younger generation whose ambitions are just as large as mine. I’ve coached various junior club teams as well as individual workouts during my time at college In the United States.

Typically, I train juniors from ages 8- 14 but I’m open to any player looking to improve their game regardless of age.

I have also hold a cert III in coaching that I obtained in high school from the Australian institute of coaching.

From 2010 I’ve been apart of Queensland basketball state teams and development programs. In 2013, 2014 I was selected in Queensland south U18 state team as well as the 2014 school girls Queensland team. From 2010 I’ve also played both QBL and SBL competitions until my departure for college in 2015.

In 2015 until 2017 I attended 2 colleges in the United States which not only taught me a number of things physically but who I wanted to impact as a player/ mentor.

Typically my workouts will consist of ball handing work and shooting.

A lot of basketball and what makes a great basketball player is consistency. I will be running my athletes through a number of high intensity drills not only prepare them for games but as well as improving their overall shooting percentages.


Basketball Taylah H.

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