teenagers, adults


All positions from point guard to centre.

More About Me

I have coached Junior boys and girls, Representative VJBL boys and girls, Big V Senior Men at Men's Championship level. I am a qualified Level 2 Basketball Coach. I have been a Physical Education teacher for more than 25 years. Focus on skill development and progressions.

Won Big V Coach of the Year award, Won Big V Men's Championship, Won National School's Championship, Won State Schools Championships, Won VJBL Championships, have coached over 800 games and played over 1,000 games. Won Bronze Medal at World Masters in Sydney in 2009 as a player and have won multiple gold medals at Australian Masters Basketball Championships from 2009 to 2019.

I am a very experienced teacher with over 25 years in the classroom and gym. I will teach you how to improve and develop your skills. All players at all levels can benefit from developing their footwork, being able to create a shot off the dribble and improving their shooting technique. I am happy to work on developing the areas that you think you need. If you are unsure I will help you to develop your footwork and your ability to score off the dribble.


Basketball Steve M.

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