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All positions but very specialized in defence.

More About Me

25 years of successful coaching experience with all age groups including children in multiple Tehran's basketball clubs and PCYC Nelson Bay children basketball training. Coached Tehran state high school champion girls basketball team.

Coached multiple adults tier one (Superleague) teams for national championship competitions.

Playing positions 1 & 2 in university girls basketball team and Tehran all-star girls basketball team as well as Tehran Perspolice professional women team. Ranked 1st in Tehran and in multiple national championships.

Depends on the need of the client, I can coach at the required level and needs. For example, a one on one session would start with warm up and continues with practice and correcting techniques such as defense, offense, and different shooting techniques. But if i am coaching a team to prepare for their next game, I would focus on practicing gameplay techniques. I make sure i study their opponent team ahead of time. Coaching is personalized based on the strength and weakness of the athlete.


Basketball Sima A.

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