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Guards and small forwards.

More About Me

I have 2 years of coaching under my belt as an Eltham basketball club coach. I coached an under 13’s boys domestic basketball team to the grand final. I typically work with athletes aged 18 years or younger. I mainly specialise in teaching proper shooting techniques but am also well experienced in all other aspects of the game.

As a basketballer, I have played for 6 years, coached for 1 year and reffeereed for 1 year also. I have played for many clubs that have ranged from domestic teams all the way to state basketball where I played in a tournament, representing Victoria in New Zealand. Over the seasons I have won many MVP and coaches awards and most importantly have won multiple championships. I have also won many scoring titles as well as most made three’s by a single player in a season.

My sessions are comprised of simple warm up drills that should last 5-10 minutes. My main focus is on shooting the ball therfore my training sessions will comprise of many shooting drills focused on inside and outside shooting, shooting of the dribble and pull-up jump shots. Too add variety I will also incorporate dribbling techniques into drills as well as passing. It’s all dependent on the client so which ever techniques and drills work best for them, then that is going to be the best way to build rapport with the client as well as showing the best improvement in their performance.


Basketball Matt O.

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