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Point Guard, Shooting Guard and Small Forward.

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Currently managing a university team of basketball in ICMS (International College of Management, Sydney), also part of the school team of ICMS. Age group I work with would be from 6-16 years old. Coached kids in church, has all the knowledge about basketball. Watched NBA for over 10 years, and play basketball myself.

Will lead the school team of ICMS to compete in the Unigames this July, Men's Basketball Division 2 . As part of the basketball school team leader/manager, I will create a sports culture in our college and assemble, lead and train a competitive basketball school team to compete in the level of division 2 in college Men's Basketball.

To set objectives are the outcomes you want from the training session. Heading into a training session stating we want to become better is not specific enough. Focus in tight on small aspects you would like to see improvement on within your team or individuals. In this way you can reflect during future session on this time and bring the small things to the attention of the team members. In this way we keep focused and build upon each moment to be better in the next. I'll ask the client what they want to improve to up their game and I'll analyze their strength and weaknesses to make a menu of training sessions to work on their weaknesses and enhance their strength. For basketball it's simple, if it's personal development I would say go to the fundamentals. Basketball breaks down to it is just three simple things, shooting, passing and dribbling. All three would be equally important to the game. But for individual training, I would train the kids dribbling, layups and shooting. Why I love to teach kids so much? Cause the most important is to develop a passion for them to keep working on themselves, makes character. To inspire and beyond.


Basketball Hanson C.

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Client Reviews

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  1. Allan E.

    Christine D.

    Outstanding sessions. After one session, I felt like my son had improved. Coach Hanson is amazing. I have both of my kids with him, now. Their games have improved immensely. Both so much better with the ball.

  2. Allan E.

    Anthony C.

    Coach Hanson is a great coach. I have tried a few other coaches and like his style and techniques the best

  3. Allan E.

    Justin B.

    After our first session, my son was anxious to go to another one. Awesome trainer. Very patient dealing with my 9-year-old. Quickly engaged with him so it gave my son the confidence to finish strong. Very pleased!

  4. Allan E.

    Mingling L.

    Coach Anthony was great in our first session. He immediately challenged my son to perform at his highest level and he delivered! We are looking forward to our continued training sessions with Coach Hanson. We highly recommend him.

  5. Allan E.

    Raymond Y.

    Coach Hanson was a great Coach! We are purchasing more sessions. I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in having a great trainer!!

  6. Allan E.

    Hansen J.

    Coach Hanson was very patient and his instructions from out the gate were helpful. I Highly recommended this coach to other parents. After just one session my daughter was surprised at the drills she could now do. He was challenging but very supportive of all her efforts, which meant a lot.

  7. Michelle Z.


    Nice Coach

  8. Bruce D.


    Hanson is a professional. He recognizes a student athlete’s gaps and attacks right away. Communication is key for development. Right away, I found Hanson clear in setting the right goals and drills for improvement. As a parent, working with Hanson is a pleasure. He is skilled and works well with my highly motivated child.

  9. Terence L.


    Hanson has been patient and and friendly when it comes to training with me. We started from somethjng basic and also practical. I have injuries here and there and we discussed about it and work around the injuries. I also shared my goal with hanson and he came up with some plans to help me to achieve it.