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Guard and small forward

More About Me

I have trained and coached high school students (both beginners and seasoned) who competed at various basketball leagues across Jakarta. As a school teacher, I love to work with primary and secondary students. In the meantime, I do not have certification yet, but I am certainly interested in getting one.

I have played to various basketball leagues since junior high up until university and won . Outside school, I have competed at semi-pro leagues including 3x3 and has attended basketball camps and skills training.

The team that I have worked with at my previous school won the championship title twice in a row and has remained very competitive up until this time.

As a point guard, I focus on athletics and movement skills which specifically includes ball handling, footwork and shooting forms. Depending on age and skill level, players will progress through a range of skill sets that highlight basic fundamental and complex movement.


Basketball Elijah B.

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