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I specialise in improving the skills of all positions within basketball.

More About Me

I have had 6 years of basketball coaching experience. I have coached a variety of ages, from U10, to U20. I have worked at a variety of public and private schools, as well as having held clinics to improve the skills and knowledge of various individuals. Currently, I hold a level 1 basketball accreditation. Most recently, I have coached for the Sydney Comets.

I have competed at State Level Basketball for 3 years during my period at high school. Two out of these three years, we had ended up in the top four. Also, I have competed at a representative and local level - whilst winning the most valued player award in both categories.

My session plans vary for various clients based on their skill level and confidence with their abilities. Typically, I would ensure that all my clients have good knowledge of the fundamentals of basketball and from there - we would work our way upwards. My session plans have the aim of ensuring that I can get the best out of the individual, without pushing anyone beyond their limitations.


Basketball Dennis S.

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