I have coached at the high school level (from 13-17), however am comfortable with all age groups and positions, no matter the experience or goal. Most of my playing career I have played in the post, however have begun to transition to the role of forward. This has caused me to now play more like a guard, and on top of all of my professional development and independent skill training I now feel more than comfortable coaching players of all positions (guards & bigs alike). I believe all players should be truly position-less, and thus focus on all aspects of the game no matter how big or small.I am a big believer in Long Term Athletic Progression (LTAP), being taught the methods by my close mentors who work at the highest levels in strength & conditioning within some of the top teams in the US (NCAA division 1 colleges, and in the NBA). Thus all my athletes, regardless of sport will train across many different sporting techniques to develop the whole athlete.

More About Me

As a Basketball coach

I have worked for 3 years as a basketball coach at the high school level within various institutions around the greater Sydney area

* St Joseph's college (16A’s & B’s)

* St Andrews college

* Sydney Grammar School (14D’s)

As a strength & Conditioning coach

A large range of experiences across all ages, talents and athlete levels. A list of these experiences include with:


* Sydney Kings

* University of Sydney Elite Athlete Program (R(u)gby Union, NEAFL, Basketball, Crlcket)

* St Joseph’s College

In these roles I have performed a whole range of high performance duties centred around improving athletic performance in all aspects of high performance. This includes working with athletes from the high school level, to those who are currently representing Australia at the international & professional level, as well as everything in between.


* ASCA professional coach (In process of completing level 2 certification)

* SMA Advanced sports trainer

* BNSW level 1 coach

* Advanced first Aid qualification (CPR, First Aid Lv2)

* Intern within the University of Sydney Elite Athlete Program

* Intern at CrossFit Ignite Waterloo (working mainly with gymnastics techniques, weightlifting and general preparation in untrained clients)

* Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) 3rd year student

As a player & athlete I have focused most of my time in the sport of basketball, however have experience across multiple sports (complementing my strength & conditioning background).

* Athletics: High school Captain of athletics as well as competing at the state level in the discus throw

* Swimmiηg: High school Captain of swimmiηg, as well as competing at the state level in the 50m freestyle

* Basketball: Captain of the Sydney University Lions university games basketball team in the Australian University games (2016), Participant in the World University League 3x3 basketball championships in Xiamen China (2016), Gold medal winning team member in the Australian UniBattle tournament (2016), representative of the University of Sydney as a member of 6 separate university games tournaments, member of the University of Sydney Lions Mens Division 1 team (2017), member of the premiership winning Sydney Comets Mens Waratah Youth League division 1 team (2015), High school Captain of the 1st V, ISA division 2 representative basketball team member

* R(u)gby Union: Starting Representative of 1st XV in year 11 & 12 (2012-13)

On top of my playing & athletic career I have also managed to maintain a high academic standard, holding a distinction average in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology( at the University of Sydney, as well as working as a Senior Academic tutor within St Andrews College (of the University of Sydney). I thoroughly enjoy the process of studying, and on top of my university and academic aims, am always learning from great resources in Strength & Conditioning, as well as attending higher education courses. For my ASCA level 2 certification I am currently in the process of writing a scientific journal article for publication in the Australian Journal of Strength & Conditioning, and thus am heavily involved in Scientific literature & research, always staying up to date.

As a high performance coach I like to take all factors regarding human performance into consideration which includes, however certainly isn’t limited to:

* Strength & Conditioning progression

* Full movement assessment (based on screens used in elite programs, and techniques such as FMS)

* Perfromance testing & assessment

* Skill assessment & progression tailored to individual levels and needs (assesment of weaknesses & strengths)

* In game strategy

* Nutritional strategies (having worked as an advisor and studied under the Research based precision Nutrition system

* Goal setting, mindset & sports psychology techniques

* At home sessions and key take-aways/ lifestyle planning

* Academic advice & lifestyle management

* video analysis

* on going online support (Skype calls, online databases and programming)

* Complete athletic profiling & long term planning, as well as LTAP stage progression

When working with an athlete I take a holistic approach to everything that we will be working on, ensuring that no factor is left unturned. My training techniques are centred around building a solid base first, both structurally and athletic wise & skill wise. Once this base is firmly in place I will begin to work on more advanced techniques to really begin to accelerate performance with a clear progression in mind to help all goals be achieved. Injury prevention is a major focus of my programming, with the incorporation of many prehabiliatory exercise physiology and physiotherapy techniques to truly allow for the best performance possible.

Some key mantras that I adhere to with all of my athletes are:

* train smarter not harder

* Learn to love the process & focus on improvement not winning

* Mindset is key: everything with a purpose

* Focus on the whole package

* Focus on the Macro not the Micro

* If it isn’t fun it isn’t worth it

In terms of progression for my athletes and what I believe is optimal for working with a player I follow these guidelines:

* Focus on agency & move them towards independence

* work towards achieving 3 x consistent skill sessions per week

* 3 x specific Strength & Conditioning sessions per week (starting with basic bodyweight and movement techniques and progressing appropriately only once competency has been reached)

* Playing in formal & informal settings 1-3 x per week

* Playing multiple sports and training many different movement patterns & skills. I would also like to see at least 3 months of the year where basketball isn’t the specific focus of the athlete and they can play other sports, yet still remain active

On top of all the above, when I work as coach, not only do you get my time for the sessions that are planned, but you also get constant support and planning outside of the sessions to work towards allowing the athletes to develop across all fronts. I work with an integrated approach and can make arrangements to ensure all the needs are met for an athlete to reach the highest level of performance possible.

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Basketball Benjamin K.

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