kids, teenagers


Point guard, Shooting Guard, Small forward.

More About Me

I have been playing basketball for almost 14 years. I started playing basketball at the age of 10 since then basketball has been a love sport for me. Having various knowledge about basketball led me through coaching and performing refree at different national games and also being a part of the Leo Club Team back in Nepal. I became a supervisor in the ISA Nepal Camp where different young and enthusiastic students used to come to learn the game of basketball. The love for the game among the children were unreal.

I have achieved various gold, silver medals and also M.V.P. (Most Valuable Player) in my college days. I have been a part of the ISA Nepal team where we used to train alot of enthusiastic and lovely high school students.

They say big dreams begins with small steps. I train the young students from the beginning teach them drills, how to shoot, how to perform a layup. Performing sets in a game and various basketball IQ.


Basketball Ashish Gurung A.

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