Generally, people do not care about how small things can have a huge effect on their lives in the long run. They fail to emphasize on how little tasks and gestures will shape up their personalities and make them better than what they were previously.

With small wins, it implies to find success in activities that other people might see to be insignificant in a typical day of your life. Make your bed every morning to start feeling good about yourself. Go out and indulge in an activity or if not, run for a while as it will make you feel better towards the end. Have a fruit instead of cookies to make a small win from the health perspective. When you do so, the little joy of accomplishment that comes along will make you more self-confident and as a result, you will end up achieving more than what you thought you could.

The concept of small wins is learnt in multiple ways. Consider a coach who would always push the trainees to emphasize on appreciating the small wins while at a practice. You can simply start by practicing a catch with a partner and challenge them to throw twenty times without a drop.

When the ball hits the ground, the two players will start it all over again from zero. The intent here is to set a goal and keep trying continuously until you achieve it. Initially, it might sound to be tough and you will have to start by keeping the goal low. Eventually, you can level up with your goals and accomplish it, making you feel satisfied about yourself.

When you succeed and achieve, irrespective of how significant it is, it will serve as a powerful motivator. You start responding to success in a positive way and it will fuel you to push yourself harder and work for more. This is precisely why you should start your day by making your bed, eating a healthy breakfast etc. as it will help you stay focused and motivated al through the day. If you have a habit of working out in the morning, try going for that extra set as it will give you a sense of accomplishment and it will last all through the day, thereby helping you have a productive day and you will work better on your strengths.

Your daily training will entirely depend on the decisions you have made all through the day and the small wins you have accumulated all through the day. At the end of the day, when you look back, you will realize that you have had a much better day and accomplished a lot, giving you substantial results in the long run and making you more successful.

Try to inculcate the habit of small wins, as they will help you in your athletic journey as well! Start your day by having small wins. It will translate too much bigger returns in the long run and you will start developing all the positive habits you would need to become successful.


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