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Coachable gave me the privilege of coaching a small camp and it was only then that I realized how important it is to have certain amount of coaching in my life. With a task to coach on defense, I came up with a session of 20 minutes that involved footwork drills so that the trainees get the right defensive posture and methods in which tackling needs to be done, following that, there was a one-on-one session so that the kids have an idea of how to defend in a typical game environment. There was a fun part incorporated as well, by telling the kids that I was playing the role of a “diva” goalkeeper, therefore it was important to me that my defenders knew what they were doing so I could just stand back and look pretty. They got a kick out of that as I pretended to throw my non-existent long hair back and strike a diva pose.

However, the bottom line was the bond being created between the goal keeper and her back line that no book or video would have been able to teach. The bond is something that cannot be made in isolation. I saw defenders taking hits for me and defending me while saving a ball as I did not approach the ball properly. They helped me with tying my shoes as I could not do it with my gloves on, indicating that they have my back.

Similarly, I served as their decision maker and eyes as I suddenly came in position where it would seem that the opponents would counter attack. I could scream “left wing”, when I saw that there was a player running to that position and the defender was unaware. When a goal was scored, the defenders saw me first and were waiting for my positive reinforcement, which only motivated them further.

These small gestures matter. You will have less than 30 seconds to analyze what went wrong when you have conceded a goal and the game starts all over again for the kickoff. In this duration lasting less than a minute, there is an excellent bonding and acceptance shared among defenders and a spectator would never understand the plethora of emotions that would emerge in these few moments.

Taking the next step

These relationships are beautiful and looking back, you will only remember how beautiful it was to play sports with the kids and share a bond. As a private coach, there have been multiple occasions where I have heard parents say that their kids cannot make it to the next level due to their inability to play well. I like the acknowledgement by the parent, as I had played in the next level and there were professional players and local newspapers covering my journey and predicted what would be in store for me. It takes a lot to get there, which I totally realize. A journey fueled by passion, sacrificing a lot and an unconditional support from my family is what it took and it was worth the journey. But, when I look back and analyze my career, I realize that more than what I achieved and what I won, what mattered more was that I was comfortable in accessing all the basic needs and coaching, which helped me advance in my path.

It was all about how people believed in your skills and pushed you further to excel in whatever you are doing, making you love the game all over again.

Although there are a lot of aspects that might draw you down in youth sports, you will have to work on it. Owing to the fact that I am an educator, I strongly believe that kids should be allowed to be the way they are, playing for fun, not being pressurized and helping them advance at their own pace. However, as many people have a false notion, private coaching never deters it.

Private Coaches will only help your kid to accomplish what they always wanted and I have worked with both kids who have just started and expert athletes who play at the elite levels. What makes the work more exciting is when the odds are stacked against you. When the parents who lose hopes on their children and the children are desperately in search of a guide and mentor who they can look up to and seek advice. If not for the injury I had to deal with, I would never have appreciated what it is to train a young athlete to make them scale new heights.

What if the kid has never been a professional player or played much? Will private coaching be of much help to them?

Here’s what happens next

Looking back at the coed camp where I had to coach kids belonging to different skill levels, I have seen players who had a tough time to be in sync with the teaching and failed multiple times. They could never make sense of the coaching and it only resulted in the frustration building up as they were not able to follow it. When they saw their peers following it and incorporating it, it only fueled their frustration further.

I have also had a kid I have known since birth going through the same. The culprit here was the fact that no one made an effort to understand what the child was going through and why he failed to learn with ease. He is one of the most soft-spoken and kind kids you would have come across and speaking to him will only make you feel happy. When I spoke to him for a while, I could see that he was not able to play and run like how kids of his age did. Although he is independent and contended by himself, I realized that it did bother him somewhat, at least to a slight extent.

Being extremely aware of his surroundings and ongoing activities, he is an amazing one on one player. However, I was not able to make sense about why any coach could not realize his potential and help him work on his strengths. I thought I should try coaching him and see how he responds. I made him focus on my signals rather than allowing his brain to take control. He was able to finish the drills without any problems and his expressions changed drastically when he realized that he had completed them and it was priceless, driven by joy!

After this incident, his dad got in touch with me and was amazed looking at his son’s performance. It was then that I told his dad about private coaching and it something you all should know. Private coaching is more of an investment in the child; in their ability to succeed; in their ability to enjoy thier success. When the child starts to appreciate the game and play it the right way, they will start feeling more confident. Having a private coach will have your child learn it better and learn more about the game, handling success and failure in a better manner, helping them excel in life. During that lesson, I was motivated to make the boy perform the drills better than the rest and make him ace it, giving him a sense of accomplishment.

To sum it all up!

The game teaches you more about life than anything else and I want every kid to have a chance to learn from it, too. An all-round development of a kid is what a great teacher seeks and that is precisely my goal. When a kid spends time with me, I want to hone the skills of a child so that they level up at the fastest pace and by bestowing whatever I have learnt in my journey, I want the kid to excel at the game. This should be the target of every coach and when they continue doing it, every child will succeed in life.

Footwork and tenacity play a major role in forming up the defense of a child who wishes to be a defender. Every midfielder should be able to analyze how the game is progressing and act in a matter of seconds, so that they are in control of the game at all times! Every defender should bond well with his team and have their back at all times, feeling responsible for the entire team on the whole and that is what makes the game beautiful altogether.

By being a private coach, I want to make every kid realize these aspects. When you hire a private coach, you are only bound to gain and there is nothing to lose. Why not give it a try and see the transformation of your kid in unimaginable ways?


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