Last season I had the chance to witness the prominence of Chelsea FC in person. As the match unfolded, it has was clear how a few key themes resonated throughout Chelsea, adding to their success as a club. These very themes are ones that individuals can leverage to improve ourselves as coaches as well as players.



The players had rapidly bought into the ideas and tactics of Chelsea’s Manager Antonio Conte. In spite of a rough beginning to the season, Conte had finally created his set-up and favored starting 11. The consistency was compensated with 13 wins in succession, showing how players step out onto the field and strive to convey his framework.



Conte has brought a sense of accountability to the team – every player gives their all to the system.

The players have faith in the framework and the strategies – you just need to take a glimpse at the trust in the width that Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso give. They remain deep in attack, realizing that the ball will advance toward them as they wind up in behind the opposing team’s defense in various circumstances each game!

Eden Hazard is a totally unique player from last season, and his work rate is being compensated with the independence to freely attack teams – something that he flourishes with. This is partially because of the acquaintance of N’golo Kante within the Chelsea setup – giving the midfield a security net that enables them to attack in numbers with complete certainty.

Generally there is no negative talk or lashing out when players are not in the starting 11; each player is acting as hard as imaginable for the possibility to play and contribute, and supporting the individuals who are getting playing time.



Moses put in almost 3 years on the sidelines, however Conte perceived the work rate of the player and the possibility to play as a wing back in a 1-3-4-3 framework. Putting Moses as a wing back was definitely a flash of brilliance and it saw Moses turn into the most enhanced player – overflowing with certainty and threatening teams at every opening.



This was obvious in two cases specifically.

Right off the bat, in how Diego Costa has concentrated on his own game and eliminated responding to his adversaries. Conte explained, “The progress he is making in terms of his attitude are down to his application. He has realised that he needs to improve in terms of how he keeps his nerve.”

Furthermore, in how Thibaut Courtois went through right around an hour and a half with nothing to do, and after that in the 91st minute Sunderland struck the ball high into the top corner and Courtois had the focus to keep the ball out of the back of the new and continue Chelsea’s triumphant run.


So as coaches what are we able to learn from this?

Analyze the game.

Comprehend team shape and strategies.

Build up a culture and a mission.

Pitch your idea to your players.

Perceive diligent work in players, support and reward it.

Work to remove parts of a players games which may have a negative influence on themselves and the team.


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