When you sign up for high competition soccer, there might be various aspects you would not be aware of. Although recreational soccer is fun and refreshing, coaches would generally push fathers who are not aware about sports to go for competition soccer.  Due to this, high competition soccer clubs have pitched themselves in a manner such that all players can be a part of it: including beginners to experienced players.

The cost involved is also significantly high, which ranges from $1,500- $3,000 annually for a player to take part in high competition soccer. The cost of tournaments, uniforms, travel and other activities is additional and might turn out to be high. You can also search for scholarships and financial aids that are given by non-profit clubs. Alternatively, you can also look out for competition clubs working on a sliding scale.

The first question you will have to ask yourself is if the player is good enough? There are clubs that have 2-5 teams with players as the same age group as the player. Due to this, there might also be possibility that the player is placed in a lower level team. Generally, the clubs will have teams based on the skill level ranging from white to gold, with white being the least and gold being the highest. Most of the players who are moving from recreational soccer to high competition soccer start from white and advance to gold. If there are not sufficient teams in a club, it might lead to developmental players group, who are there to improve their skills. If you see that there are developmental players in a club, it is an indicator that the player will not get much playing time and you might want to consider other clubs.

Suppose you agree to sign up as a developmental player and the scenario is with twenty five players are signed under a single age group and as they are not enough to make two full teams, they will form a developmental group with the remaining players as the club would want to make money. This way, the player will have to fight for a place in the team every week. For this, you need to understand that practice is the best teacher and when you are not able to practice in a game, how would your chances of making it into the team next week improve? Every week, you would try to make it into the team and if you do not make it, it might hurt your feelings. If you plan to be a developmental player so that the player is familiarized with the team environment and coach, the charges will be less and you will not have to pay for referee, leagues, uniforms and playing cards.

In high competition clubs, the coaches are professionals and will have national or international license. Although it is not necessary that a license is mandatory for a great coach, it does add a lot of credibility to the coach. The skills of a coach will have to be enhanced frequently and for this, the license plays a major role. You can ask the coach regarding when they got a license and if they are planning to advance with their license?

When you are ready to pay for the fees, you can consider different clubs. Ask them questions regarding the soccer club they subscribe to, the system they purchase and the equipment, philosophy and access websites that the club has under its name.

Additionally, there are a variety of soccer services that are present in youth clubs such as video analysis programs, social network websites for the team to collaborate, session planning websites for coaches, tracking devices and sponsorships for various brands etc. and the costs are all included in the club fees. When the marketing is high, the cost involved is more and as a result, your annual membership cost also goes up. You will have to know that merely having these tools will not make you play better or will be utilized for your development. There are high chances that it will be used only by the highest players of the club.

The determining factor while selecting a club should be the way in which it benefits the player. You will have to consider the overall development, sportsmanship and the chances of the player to play in matches. As there are multiple clubs available, you can carry out a fair bit of research about the coach who will train your player. Do not fall for the soccer services that they offer and instead, you will have to decide based on what would be best for your child and which club would prove to be the most beneficial.

You can also consider hiring a private coach as they will train your player over and above the team coaching. As the team coach has to train an entire team, he will not be able to give individual attention and as a result, certain specific technical expertise can only be imparted by a private coach. When you hire a private coach, the void in the team coaching will be fulfilled and your player will be able to reach new heights much faster. With the insights given by a private coach, the player will be able to strengthen their skills and also contribute better for the team. If you are looking for a private coach for an athlete, Coachable.com.au can help you with it!


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