Coachable, the brainchild of a sports expert and soccer coach, Allan Edwards, is launching its online marketplace for private coaches. The co-founder of Coachable, Allan Edwards, is going for a public launch and plans to have talented sports trainers on-board who are excited in offering private training sessions for athletes.

A highly successful college soccer player, Edwards had an unfortunate incident resulting in a broken hip. However, he decided to continue pursuing his passion and started coaching after his college years.

After graduating, Allan Edwards worked in sales and business development, during which he decided to start with soccer coaching on a professional scale, which led to the idea of Coachable. The target client base is middle and upper income group parents with their children in middle or high school who want to play sports competitively and are seeking for some quality guidance and coaching.

All the coaches listed on Coachable have an hourly price associated with them and there is a small make-up fee offered by Coachable for providing their services. Coachable also offers discounts if you purchase multiple sessions together. Also, all the coaches that are on-board Coachable are interviewed, checked for references and vetted. They also continue to collect feedback and data regarding the coaches continuously. Allan Edwards said that in a few months, the best coaches will be popular on Coachable, while the worst might not attract any bookings.

With Coachable, you can reach out to a market of athletes for free if you are a coach and Coachable will manage your bookings, scheduling and payments. This way, you can continue to involve yourself in your favorite sport and have a second source of income. When you coach an athlete, you will be highly satisfied seeing them take the right path of development. You can influence the confidence and performance of an athlete significantly and in the long run, you would have played a significant role in shaping up the career of an athlete. By offering private coaching sessions to athletes on Coachable, you can feel great about what you do and make money as well!


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