When you first learned to write, did you notice that everybody around you had a different handwriting? When you were all taught the same way to write, how did it differ across individuals? What is the perfect handwriting? Or is there any?

Similarly, these questions are similar in the case of tennis. What makes your stroke different from the apparently perfect strokes? What causes the variance and how does it get better or worse based on the difference

In most of the cases, the variation appears to be merely physical, as a taller person and shorter person will have different types of swings for the same shot.

What are the other factors that come into play for the variation in swings?

What is the reason for a few people slicing backhands while the others just stick to topspin? What makes some people hit the ball when it is high while the rest do it when low? What makes players attack at the net level while the others just wait? How can your strokes be unique from the rest?

Does the personality of the hitter make any difference in these cases? Even in the case of handwriting analysis, the experts study your nature and behavior based on your handwriting and the strokes. If you are an organized person, your handwriting will be neat and the strokes will be in an orderly manner as well. If you are shy, your handwriting might be small without any bold curves. For stylish people, the handwriting might be stylish as well!

It all makes sense that our handwriting gives out a lot about our personality. Similarly, your personality also has an effect on the manner in which you play tennis. Some of the characteristics you wish to see in tennis such as perseverance, consistency, creativity, assertiveness, decisiveness etc. are some qualities that are crucial to play tennis.

When you assess your tennis game thoroughly and have a look, it will give you a fair insight about your personality.

As most of us care about the aspects of our game that is weak, you can start by listing down all the tennis problems and then, you can match it with any trait in your personality as rectifying it will help you have a better game:

Let us consider the case of a junior tennis player who had the below listed problems in his game:

  • Bad start and gives the opponent an early lead.
  • Gets a bad hitch while serving.
  • Ends up missing the ball when he aggressively moves forward.
  • Backswing is short and the racquet is brought back quickly.
  • Common groundstrokes while leaning backward.
  • Allows overhead bounces that should have been hit out of the air.

Now that you know the traits of the kid, what if you know that he is always late to the class, not able to finish a test and is always off the project until the due date? You might have a fair idea about the nature of the kid that he is a procrastinator and due to his occupied nature of mind, he hesitates and it results in a delay, even while he is playing tennis. With this, you will be able to relate better. The service and is game greatly have to do with the personality of the kid and his nature would reflect even in the court while he is on a game.

When you combine the nature of an individual along with the traits in the game, you will be able to know which factor about the child has an impact in which manner of the game.

Consider this example of a female tennis player and listed below are the traits of her game:

  • She is not able to give full power to each stroke and ends up hitting in the middle.
  • The backswing is tight and the ball has an impact that is too close to her body.
  • Not close to the net until there really is a need.
  • The approach shots are floated when she hits them.
  • The first serve is really great while the second is a soft one.
  • Even when there is a condition where the ball will pass, she hits a lob.

Now, consider this trait of her that all her money is in a savings account and she does not eat seafood at a restaurant as she is not aware of the freshness of the meat.

By now, you will be able to get an idea that she is not okay with taking risks and always makes sure that there are no lose ends. Whenever there is a choice, she decides to play it safe rather than risking it.

How can you deal with it?

Whenever there is a handwriting analysis, no one tries to fix your handwriting and they are only trying to provide you an insight based on which you can act.

When you know what your traits are, you will be able to work on it better and improve your behavior. Whenever you observe the little things and try correcting it, you will realize that it is highly motivating and your game will only improve. Among some players, they will realize that when their trait is worked upon, even their game will improve and as a result, it will lead to an all-round development of the player.

If you know what your traits are and are watching the out, it is highly recommended that you correct them so that you get good results in the next game and it will improve your personality as well. It is a continuous process and your game will only start to get better each time you introspect.

With this, you will realize that you will have to accept and learn your traits, so that you can work on them and improve.

Personality adjustment is the key and when you get rid of your traits, it changes your attitude and it not only makes you a better player but also a better person. By following this method, you will benefit greatly and it will improve your game, your strokes and also your personality!


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