While some parents might hire piano teachers or science tutor to help their kids understand the area better, there are another set of parents who would hire a private soccer coach to help their kids play the game better. It is highly beneficial as the kids win scholarships and excel in their academics as well, which results in them having a great future. Once the playing phase is over, they can go ahead and become private coaches. On an average, private coaches charge $50 for soccer coaching per hour and also help the kids with nutrition and physical fitness.

As you advance in your sport you will realize that there will be a need for private coaching to truly succeed. Any parent that wishes to improve the game of their child, in any sport, would prompt them to go ahead with private coaching, as the focus is better and individualized. During a private coaching, the player will have personal attention and the coach will also know all the strengths and weaknesses of the player and will constantly be able to adapt the training sessions to suit. Due to this, tutoring and coaching has become one of the most successful and fastest growing industries in Australia.

Similar to other specialized services, private coaches and parents are generally not able to find the right match. Coaches are generally well experienced in training someone rather than marketing themselves and publicize their training. Due to this, parents are not aware about the quality of coaching and only word of mouth helps them know a coach.

Also, as per Rick Wolff, a former psychologist, there are high chances of abuse in private coaching as a typical school coach would have undergone multiple rounds of training and checks; which might not be the same in the case of a private coach. Most of the high schools would want parents to pay for private instruction if they want their child to be playing. However, there have been multiple instances where the parents would have paid a lot and would still not be satisfied with the services that are offered.

To bridge this gap, Allan Edwards has launched Coachable, a startup based in Sydney to connect athletes with qualified private coaches locally. Coachable carries out all the verifications and background checks before bringing any coach on-board and the players will be able to select a private coach based on the reviews and ratings as provided by other players.

Prior to launching Coachable on a public scale, Allan Edwards is focused on brining experienced coaches to the online community, so that athletes have private coaches serving to the needs of all different types of sports.

Along with the coaches being able to connect with athletes and parents of athletes, they will not have to worry about payments, marketing and publicity or managing their bookings, as he understands how tedious it is to manage the bookings individually. He used to provide private soccer lessons while attending a business school.

Edwards says Coachable, like other marketplace companies, is in the efficiency business. “I look around the country, and there are so many former athletes who’ve spent a lot of time developing expertise,” he says. “And there are tons of kids who want to get better. We’re bringing those two things together.”


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