Why is it important to schedule sessions using Coachables scheduling tool?

It is important to schedule sessions using our scheduling tool for a number of reasons.

  1. It greatly reduces the possibility of any miscommunication. It will be clear to everyone when and where the sessions are taking place.
  2. We can automatically send you and your client a reminder leading up to an upcoming session if you schedule your sessions through your dashboard.
  3. If your client is a no show, we’ll have a record of when the session was supposed to take place and you can take advantage of our cancellation policy.
  4. It allows for the best customer service. If we have a record of the session and your client has any issues or questions it helps us out immensely.

After you confirm a client’s booking your next move will be to arrange the date, time and location of your training session. After that has been determined you can schedule the session from the “Training Sessions” tab of your dashboard

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