I have messaged a coach and they did not respond, what now?

We know it can be aggravating to message a coach and not receive a response right away. At Coachable we require coaches to respond to new messages within 24-48 hours. If it has been longer than 48 hours and you have had no response please let us know here [email protected] and we will make every effort to reach the coach and confirm their availability.

Because all of our coaches are qualified if your first choice is not available we always recommend to message additional coaches as well.

Also please confirm that your message was delivered to the coach by looking in your Coachable Inbox and ensure that new messages do not get lost in your spam or junk folders, adjust your email client’s filter settings to allow for incoming messages.

Of course there is also the chance that the coach is temporarily without access to the internet or email and simply cannot respond to you at the moment.

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