Do I have to provide a location or facility for my coaching sessions?

Yes, our coaches are responsible for providing a facility or location for their coaching sessions.

Occasionally a client may suggest a location or facility that is a convenient option. Coaches are welcome to run sessions at a location of the client’s choosing. However, please be mindful that most clients expect the coach to provide a training location.

We are aware that acquiring a facility is one of the biggest challenges coaches face in order to run a successful coaching session. As a result, we’re attempting to compile a list of recommended facilities and offer discounted rates at partner facilities in the near future.

We strongly recommend that you specify in your Coachable profile whether or not facility fees are included in your rates. Many coaches have found it beneficial to include facility fees in their session’s rates to take care of any added costs. Alternatively you may choose to specify that clients will have to pay a fee directly to the facility at the time of the session.

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