Coachable Guidelines and Expectations

In order for us to provide a quality experience to Coachable clients, we require coaches to:

  • Respond to client messages within 48 hours
  • Respond to booking requests within 24 hours
  • Contact clients swiftly after confirmation of booking
  • Arrive on time (or early) for scheduled coaching sessions
  • Maintain ongoing communication with clients who have booked coaching sessions
  • Keep availability and location up to date
  • Give clients at least 24 hours’ notice in the event of a cancellation

For the safety and principle of our association, we do not allow:

  • Exchange of direct contact information with before a coaching session has taken place
  • Accepting payments from Coachable clients outside of the Coachable platform
  • Encouraging Coachable clients to book training sessions with you outside of the Coachable platform
  • Unprofessional behaviour and/or communication with Coachable clients
  • Marking a training session complete that has not taken place
  • Providing false personal information
  • Offering a client experience that does not meet Coachable’s standards.

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