Can I accept cash or cheque payments from a client?

You may not accept cash or cheque payments from a client on any occasion. As Coach on Coachable, you agree that all payments with Coachable clients are processed through Coachable’s payment program. This requires clients to purchase training sessions using a credit or debit card.

Please be mindful that choosing to plan sessions with Coachable clients outside of the Coachable booking platform will result in you no longer being covered by our liability insurance or money back guarantee. Your Coachable account may also be subject to suspension.

If on the off chance a client requests to make a payment by cash or cheque, please remind them that by paying through Coachable they will be covered by our insurance and money-back guarantee. This will protect their purchase if a problem arises and they aren’t able to complete their sessions. If a client has any hesitations about purchasing sessions, you should let them know that our Support Team is always available to address any questions or concerns they may have.

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