The complexities of sports clubs, sporting teams, college sports and private schools is increasing. The world we live in today is an ultra-competitive one, especially for a young athlete. More and more parents and athletes are feeling these pressures and are looking for solutions. Over the past 10 years there has been an increasing trend towards private coaching to help with athletic development. If you are an experienced athlete or coach offering private lessons can substantially help to build confidence in a child as well as their passion for the sport which they have chosen.

There’s a sense of satisfaction, enjoyment, excitement, personal appreciation, rejuvenation, accomplishment, deeper relationships and growth that can be derived from coaching someone. Maybe the popular press doesn’t paint coaching as an activity that is filled with all of the aforementioned benefits, but rather one filled with dread, distaste and one that needs to be avoided. But the truth is, all of these shows that coaching is a highlight of a leader’s job. It is an activity which is appreciated and sought after because of the fact that it is personally rewarding.

A lot of parents are now seeing the need to hire a private coach for their athlete child. Unlike musical tutoring and one-on-one academic learning, hiring a personal coach for athletics wasn’t something that was very popular. But as competitive sports have continued to break more boundaries, parents are now discovering how beneficial it is to hire a personal coach in order to help their child achieve his/her athletic goals.

  • Private coaching blesses you with a lot of opportunities, as long as you remain competent, professional, hardworking, and proficient. Private coaching ensures that;
  • You as a coach, and your experienced athletes, stay involved and make money in the sports you love. It also gives you the opportunity to give back to the kids in your area.
  • You get a sense of satisfaction in teaching and watching others develop and grow in their field.
  • With coaching, your get involved with people, building strong and deep relationships.
  • You and your athletes will be able to pay back for everything you have accomplished and received.
  • You’ll feel rejuvenated and you’ll keep yourself growing
  • As a mentoring coach, you’ll be able to build and sustain a child’s self-confidence. Along with the parents and teachers, you will become a vital member of the team that will provide guidance to a child’s development in sports and in life.

Private coaching is more than just coaching. It’s about the commitment and skill you’ll be able to develop. It’s about how you can effectively and efficiently mentor young people into becoming real professional in their sports field. It’s about creating an array of employment opportunities for the vast number of people across class and race who have got the skills and the passion to coach.

The Sydney based startup Coachable is looking to help coaches and athletes connect and bring about real change in the coaching industry.

“We all know that the world is basically becoming an online community. Everything happens on the internet. Students and parents alike go online to search for coaches who can help them develop their skills or their children’s skills. Coachable makes it easy for you to be found.” Says Allan Edwards, the Co- Founder of Coachable.

“Coachable is an online platform that brings coaches and athletes together. It is a free way for coaches to reach a market of athletes, to manage payments, and to message and schedule training sessions with the athletes. Coachable helps you promote your services while still earning money doing the things you love.”

Athletes can connect with sport specific coaches on Coachable, and to make it better, private coaches can list their services by creating a profile on this platform. A coach’s profile will include your years of experience, your strengths, your coaching session plan, and the age groups you would like to mentor. You also get to set the pricing you’ll charge per hour as well as your availability. This way athletes who come to your profile will know what you can do and if you can be of help to them.

Once your profile is complete, athletes can view your profile, book and pay for your services directly from your profile. Once you have completed the training session, the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

There is a great sense of satisfaction in teaching and watching others grow. You can have an immediate impact on the confidence and performance of an athlete, and a long term impact on a young athlete’s career. However didn’t we all know that you get a great deal of appreciation and accomplishment when you help others?


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