In today’s economy utilizing your skill sets has never been more important. One of these skills sets that is often looked over however is the world of sports. There are so many talented athletes who have devoted their lives to a sport and when they’re done playing, there are few ways for them to stay involved. There are also many great coaches out there just waiting to connect with athletes. Athletes and coaches put an enormous amount of time, dedication and experience into developing their craft. So how can they leverage this skill set, and not let it go to waste?

Allan Edwards from the new Sydney based startup Coachable claims to have a solution – “We wanted to create a system that allows experienced athletes and coaches to stay involved in their sport while making money doing something they love. We know that they are passionate about the sport they have been involved in all their life, and that’s why we want to help.”

Coachable launched last week and it describes itself as “An online platform to connect private coaches with athletes.” The platform was designed by professionals who know how important the coach-athlete relationship is in order to get the most out of a hard day of training and help athletes develop their skills.


If you go to their website now (, as a coach, you will be able to create a free account in a matter of minutes. Here, you can add your coaching experience, your strengths, age groups that you train, your coaching session plan, as well as your price range for services. Specify your availability and your hourly charge. Now, you are set to go and build up your sporting clientele base. Once your profile is complete, athletes can start viewing your profile. If they are interested in your services, they have the ability to book and pay for your private coaching sessions directly from your profile. Money is directly placed into your bank account after your private coaching session is complete.

As the sporting industry grows each year, all over the world, it seems to me that more and more people would consider coaching as a part or full time career path to be close to the sport to which they have dedicated their lives. Whether you are a pee wee or high school coach, or in search of private clients, building a network is important. Today, the ever-growing use of the internet has made life easier for many professionals and Coachable is looking to build on that.

Edwards gave me a peak at the new system and it shows great potential to give coaches instant access to athletes who want to improve in their sport. Straightforward, the online coaching platform could also become your best personal assistant. You’ll be able to message clients, manage payments automatically schedule texts and reminders, and many more great features.

Staying involved in the sport you love and making money at the same time by helping athletes reach their potential could appeal to a lot of people. It is a worth a though – offering something back to your sporting community – by nurturing the best of tomorrow.


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