There is a thin line between guiding a youth sports athlete and micromanaging them. Although you may not be realizing it, you could already be micromanaging your youth sports athlete. We bring to you a list of eight signs to indicate that you are micromanaging your youth sports athlete. It is great that you are giving them all the attention that they would want. Most of the sports parents would do the same in a bid to encourage their child. However, it could also end up as micromanagement of the young athlete. Although you do it in the best interests of your child, it might not prove to be beneficial to them in the long run. Here are the signs to help you know if you are micromanaging:

  1. Repetitive Advice and Motivation

A strong sign of over-parenting and micromanagement is when you constantly advice your kids about what to do and what not. You might be of the impression that if you force them constantly, it will push them to practice or work harder.


  1. Not letting your child fail

It is obvious that parents would not want their child to fail. However, if you keep bailing them out every time they are about to fail, they will not be able to learn valuable lessons that only failure would teach and help them grow.


  1. Praising them more than required

Agreed, your child has to be encouraged constantly. However, if you overdo it, the children will stop valuing it and as a result, your feedback would actually not matter when it has to!


  1. Giving them no free time

If you plan your child’s schedule by yourself and allow them with no free time at any point of the day, it is like micromanaging their life and the children will not be in a position to take any decisions on their own.


  1. Fighting with your children often

Are you commanding them to do something or are angry at them for not eating their breakfast? You do not have to! If they are hungry for a while, they will realize the importance of breakfast and learn the lessons by themselves!


  1. Helping them with their problems while playing

If your child is frustrated about it, it is not your problem and the coach will help your child overcome it.


  1. Helping when not required

Most of the sports parents help their kids even without the child asking. Your child might take some time to figure it out or might ask you for help if they are not able it. Allowing them to solve their problems by themselves will help them in decision making and the ability to tackle problems.


  1. When you get into the details of their practice

Most of the parents are just too curious about the performance of their child and would want to get into the details regarding the practice; which would seem to be of interrogative nature to the kid. Only if you have some concern or want to know details about the play for a valid reason, it makes sense.

Based on the above mentioned points, if you think your child is being micromanaged, start by scaling back or by not doing the things as mentioned above and it will prove to be beneficial to your child in the long run and you will realize that it is the right thing to do.

When you want to micromanage your child, think about how it would have an adverse impact on the leadership skills and independent nature of your kid. If you want your child to be a problem solver and decision maker, take a step back and do not micromanage your kid.

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