To be a soccer coach, you must possess a number of essential requirements. It goes beyond being a good tactician or being able to handle different aspects of gameplay. Coaches at youth level serve as a role model and as a father figure to the young kids. Also, you have to gain the complete trust of their parents. For one to be regarded as a great youth coach, here are​ 7 essential traits you need for the job;


  1. Positive Communication

Positive communication is a key requirement. As a coach you should be able to communicate effectively with the kids, their parents and your coaching staff as well as the administrators. Get your message across and also show you have the best interest of your players at heart always.


  1. Teach the Basics

The most important thing at this stage for the kids is to know is that it is just a game. In essence, you have to teach them to have fun, while using a “games approach” to teach​ skills and tactics. Help all players be the best they can be by creating a fun and productive practice environment so young players can learn to play the game.


  1. Teach the Rules

It is always essential kids know the rules of the game. This is should be thought from the first practice session, and subsequently remind them of the rules during game practice. Also review the rules constantly as changes occur or situation warrants.


  1. Guide Players during Games

Guidance during games involves selecting a starting line up in addition to the substitutes, also game tactics and opposition instructions on players and coaches. It is very important to note that the ultimate goal in these games is not to win, but to understand the rules of the game and also how to be good competitors while playing well.


  1. Help build Players fitness

It is essential young kids learn the importance of being fit in sports. Highlight the importance of fitness to the kids as this enables them to play the game successfully and safely. It should also be noted that the fitness regime for kids shouldn’t be stressful and boring. Rather, fun and exciting, as this encourages them to keep fit and maintain such fitness levels all the time.

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  1. Provide a Safe Environment

There are dangers involved in the game of soccer. Kids are prone to getting injured during practice. So it is essential as a coach you ensure practice pitches are safe for playing. Also teach safety techniques to the kids and also first aid in case of emergencies.


  1. Develop the Childs Character

Be a model of good behavior to these kids. It is important at every opportunity to teach kids the right values like learning, caring, honesty and respect. Molding kids into model citizens is the responsibility of all, so we must seize the moment at every opportunity to inculcate the right values to them.


On a final note, every kid is a unique individual. It is essential to provide an enabling environment for the kids to horn their skills without fear or prejudice and at the same time ensure they enjoy playing the game.


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